Taurus (May 28 - June 20)

Patient, steady, dutiful! Our Taurus fam is unbeatable, especially when the goal feels GOOD! Grounded in the earth, these bastions of persistence are happy to do the work! Unwavering as they walk the line… storing energy like packing a cannon with black powder. When the time comes, BAM! BULL-RUSH! Headlong, straight in, unstoppable force! 

Your best hair is earthy and dignified, easy to care for yet fashionable. You have to look good when you’re getting shit done!

Your products are practical and multi-purpose like OLAPLEX No7 Bonding Oil. Jewel tones and rich browns will go great with your emerald jewelry! You’re in great company with Coretta Scott-King, Queen Elizabeth II, and the Rock!

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Angel Vanas

Angel Vanas

Owner, Starcrafter

I wanted to do it different.

To build a space of love and light. Where you can be shaped and colored to your heart's content by a highly skilled stylist who truly lives to polish stars. Pro Tip: You're a star. Scientific fact. We are all made of star stuff. You are the child of stars.

Not just a salon, but a studio of creation.