Vivid Color


Every artist has their favorite thing. This is Elsa's and mine. We live for vivids, and we're damn good at it. It's not some passing trend. We are in the midst of a cultural awakening; more and more of us in every walk of life are living life in full technicolor and loving it. Our process is technical and artistic, backed by serious working knowledge of biology, chemistry, and color theory. We use the best products we can find to create your look. Hair health is paramount. We promise that we will never do anything to trash your hair - super pinky swear! When we're done, you will be the fantastical magical creature you have always wanted to be. And we will release you to frolic in your natural habitat! Please read our policies before you book a color service. 


BETTER KNOWN AS "Detail Work" 

Andrews and I get stupidly happy over a sweet fade. Throw in a perfectly chiseled beard, I am a happy, happy girl. Let me add some color... swooning. We dig doing the detail stuff. You'll have a great look that suits your hair, that you can actually style yourself. You will leave with your hair right, you brows tamed, no hair sticking out of your nose or ears or anywhere weird. You will not have little hairs all over you making you itchy; you can actually go out after a haircut!  Aaaand you'll get a great shampoo massage to get you feeling super brand new!

Cuts for everyone


No matter what your taste, lifestyle, or styling skill, there is a cut for you! Long, short, curly or straight—your cut should fit your look, your hair type, be doable for you, and make you feel good everyday! With experience and technical know-how, we will actually fashion your hair for you, not the other way around. Looking good is easier than you think, and it feels awesome!

Waxing – Brows & Face


Ahhh the art of waxing. It accomplishes so many things.

First of all, who doesn’t love a nice, clean, groomed set of brows? Especially when they are natural looking and fit you face – YES! That is hair we want to see.

Second, for the hair we don’t want to see (cue horror movie music and wolf howl) – yep, you know what I’m talking about. Sneaky staches, nasty nostril nuggets, chunks of chin fuzz, slices of soul patch, cheeky chops sprouting from your fabulous face! Let me take care of that for you, I am the clean up crew! Thorough and smooth, no burns, no fuzz, just you! Added bonus, makeup will go on smoother!

Cancelation / No-show

We get it, things happen. Sometimes canceling an appointment has to happen due to life circumstances. We’re totally sad that you couldn’t make it in. All cancellations 48 hours or more in advance are no big deal! Cancellations made with less than 48 hours' notice will be charged a cancelation fee of 50% because we can’t guarantee that we can fill that spot with someone else. We’ve gotta take care of our team too! We depend on you to show up! No shows will be billed the entire service in order to book another appointment! Please respect our time as much as we respect yours! We set aside our time to dedicate our energy to you, please be respectful of that time!

Color Services

Star Studio requires 48-hour notice for all cancellations and reschedules. Any appointment changes with less than 48 hours' notice may incur cancellation fees. All Color Services must be booked in person or by phone with the stylist performing the service. All new color clients are required to come in for a consultation appointment before a color appointment will be booked. As soon as your consultation is complete, we can get you scheduled in at a later time. In order to reserve your appointment, we do require a non-refundable deposit of 50% of the estimated service cost. This is applied to your future color appointment with us at Star Studio. In the unfortunate event of a late cancellation or missed appointment, your deposit will be forfeited and cannot be transferred to any future appointments. All cancellations or moved appointments must occur at least 48 hours in advance for your deposit to be transferred. Due to a high volume of no call no shows. We deemed this to be very necessary. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Running Late?

Please give us a call! We set aside the perfect amount of time to be able to achieve your desired result, and if we get started late, that means that we will run late for the rest of our guests. Please give us a heads up and let us know, so that we may let you know if we need to change your services for the day or get you rescheduled! Please leave early and be courteous to your stylist and other guests!

If you are more than 10 minutes late without notifying us, we will charge your credit card the full cost of the service.


We have two hour street parking available on Michigan Ave. We also have a parking lot located directly behind the salon. It is metered with two and four hour limit spots. They stop checking the meters at 6pm M-F and there's no need to feed the meters on Saturday. For longer weekday appointments, we suggest parking along an un-metered street such as a block or so south on Ferris or Adams. That block or two walk will save you the annoyance of worrying about meter time!


Coming to the studio should be a time for you and all of our clients to relax and have some me time. Kids can throw a wrench in that real quick. Waiting in the shop is no fun for your kiddo! If you must have them with you for a shorter service, please bring another person with you to keep an eye on your kiddo. Please make sure that they are able to be supervised at all times when you are in the salon. If you have a lengthy service, please make arrangements for your kiddo outside of the studio. You and your kids are important to us, we are concerned about their safety! Unless they are receiving a service, all children should be supervised in the waiting area. We work with lots of chemicals and hot/sharp tools that could be potentially dangerous to little ones!

Product Returns

If you bought a product from us that just doesn’t work for you, never fear! We will take it back and find you something that works! If the value of your new product is less than your original product, we will gladly give you store credit. We do absolutely no monetary refunds.

Gallery of Galleries

Here they are, the shots, the pics, the proof. You know, the good stuff.

Sometimes I get a model or two, and trust me, those are obvious. But mostly I post pics of real people in the place they were done, not just models with perfect hair in front of a perfect backdrop. Here, you will find work on a menagerie of stars. Stars with fine hair, thick hair, pin straight, perfectly coiled, wavy and unruly. Stars with wrinkles, tired eyes, scars, freckles, makeup on and off. Young and cheerfully chubby, perfectly aged and willowy thin, macho she's, and femme he's; I got 'em all. I love them, every. single. one.

You won't find any fancy editing here. I might correct exposure or balance. And I may have smudged a pimple or two... cuz I'm a nice person.

You are Safe and Welcome.


Angel Vanas

Angel Vanas

Owner, Starcrafter

I wanted to do it different.

To build a space of love and light. Where you can be shaped and colored to your heart's content by a highly skilled stylist who truly lives to polish stars. Pro Tip: You're a star. Scientific fact. We are all made of star dust. You are the child of stars.

Not just a salon, but a studio of creation.


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I came in for a vivid color and was beyond impressed with the quality of the work and the integrity of the color. The vibrancy of the color was just unreal! I love it! Angel is the go-to stylist for amazing hair color!

Mary g .:

Angel is an angel, she is one of those special people you meet that makes you feel good inside and out. Talented in her art.