Hello, Starling.

Star Studio is a brick and mortar Salon based in beautiful Downtown Ypsilanti, Michigan. We are beauty mavens and color specialists in our little corner of the world, and we seek to provide a safe and welcoming experience for our clients and our staff.


Not just a salon, but a studio of creation.

You are Safe and Welcome.


Angel Vanas

Angel Vanas

Owner, Starcrafter

I wanted to do it different.

To build a space of love and light. Where you can be shaped and colored to your heart's content by a highly skilled stylist who truly lives to polish stars. Pro Tip: You're a star. Scientific fact. We are all made of star dust. You are the child of stars.

Not just a salon, but a studio of creation.


224 W. Michigan Ave
Ypsilanti, MI 48197



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(734) 219-3166

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Gallery of Galleries

Here they are, the shots, the pics, the proof. You know, the good stuff.

Sometimes I get a model or two, and trust me, those are obvious. But mostly I post pics of real people in the place they were done, not just models with perfect hair in front of a perfect backdrop. Here, you will find work on a menagerie of stars. Stars with fine hair, thick hair, pin straight, perfectly coiled, wavy and unruly. Stars with wrinkles, tired eyes, scars, freckles, makeup on and off. Young and cheerfully chubby, perfectly aged and willowy thin, macho she's, and femme he's; I got 'em all. I love them, every. single. one.

You won't find any fancy editing here. I might correct exposure or balance. And I may have smudged a pimple or two... cuz I'm a nice person.


I came in for a vivid color and was beyond impressed with the quality of the work and the integrity of the color. The vibrancy of the color was just unreal! I love it! Angel is the go-to stylist for amazing hair color!

Mary g .:

Angel is an angel, she is one of those special people you meet that makes you feel good inside and out. Talented in her art.