Greetings Starlings!

Life is changing, and for Angel and Star Studio to stay open and healthy, some price changes are going to be happening late summer.

Beginning September 1, Star Studio’s pricing and service booking will become simpler.

Rather than a complicated matrix of gendered hair pricing, add-on services, and confusing prices, Star Studio booking at an hourly rate of $75 per hour. Half-hour minimum required for all services except for Brow Waxing and Bang/Line Up, which have appointments available in 15-minute increments.

Don’t worry, Brow Wax and Bang/Line Up clients! You are the exception. You will be able to continue to book those 15-minute appointments!

There are still openings for August, but not many!


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Angel Vanas

Angel Vanas

Owner, Starcrafter

I wanted to do it different.

To build a space of love and light. Where you can be shaped and colored to your heart's content by a highly skilled stylist who truly lives to polish stars. Pro Tip: You're a star. Scientific fact. We are all made of star stuff. You are the child of stars.

Not just a salon, but a studio of creation.