HairArt H3000 Luxe Ceramic Round Brush

100% Natural Brown Boar/Nylon Bristles :. Ceramic/Aluminum Tube For Super Shiny Finish :. V-shape Bristles Create Volume :. Beech Wood Handle Prevents Slipping For A Better Grip :. Star Studio Tested

This fabulously beautiful round brush is for experienced round brush users only! The impossibly dense boar bristles provide incredible tension and control. We have these in several sizes and use them every day! This queen of round brushes is light as a feather, has great balance, and is tough as nails! That wood handle is not only gorgeous, but provides great grip and no more sweaty blowout hands! Whatever you throw at her she will smooth it, shine it, bounce it… And you will love it!

She comes in four sizes from 1.5 to 2.25

We get most jobs done with the smallest and the largest, but if you’re a collector, why not get them all!